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Quit Pornography For Good – Go Cold Turkey

Is it possible to quit pornography and walk away from it for good?

My answer to that question is yes, but you can’t expect it to work on the first try.  Going cold turkey and never looking back is the right approach.  (Read my post & follow the video on Radical Amputation approach to quitting pornography)  With pornography, it is not possible to use it here and there and decrease you dosage gradually.  We have simply become out of control with our usage.  Pornography grabs a hold of you and controls you. 

Alcoholics & drug users can attest to the same situation of how their addictions ran their lives and caused their lives to spin out of control.  Going  cold turkey is the only way to break free from the very thing that harms us.  You can’t play with a little bit of fire and not get burned.  Fire is fire and even a little bit does you harm.

You will experience symtoms of withdrawal – physical & mental.  You will be extremely tempted to justify even the shortest peek at some porn.  You will inevitably slip up.  Everyone has relapses during their recovery process.  Here is some advice:

  • Don’t give up – get back up after you fall.  The difference between winners and losers in this battle is that the winners got back up one more time than the loser who gave up.
  • Don’t play around the edges of pornography – no swimsuit models, underwear models, erotica, provocative ads, suggestive radio shows – steer away from the edge or you will fall into the pit!
  • Know what triggers your urges for pornography – We all have our weak moments, moods, and situations.  Identify them, avoid & counteract them.
  • Reach out during your weak moments – Call your sponsor or accountability partner.  An accountability partner is there to help pull you through times of temptation.

Go cold turkey!  The temptations and failures will come.  Don’t let them get the best of you.  Get back up, dust off and press forward.  Eventually, these times of temptation and failure will come further and further apart.  You will get to the point that Pornography will take its last finger off of you and let you go!!  It will cease to control you!! 

Please leave your comments below.  If you need to ask me any questions regarding pornography addiction, you can contact me through the link in this sentence.

A moment of pleasure leads to a world of regrets

We have seen it happen to others or have experienced this ourselves; Trading a few moments of pleasure for a world of regrets.

How often do you indulge in some pleasure you know you shouldn’t and later on have to deal with the regret, shame, and anger at yourself?  We pay the price, many times over, for indulging in these pleasures.

The guy who fires up his computer and has a session of porn viewing and masturbation feels good while he is engaged in the act.  Later on he hangs his head in shame because he succumbed to temptation yet again.  He secretly loathes himself for it.

The other guy who is having an affair and cheating on his wife.  The excitement of the affair is pleasurable and fulfilling, but in the end he loses his wife, children and respect from others. 

A woman is enjoying a series of one night stands after closing time.  Later on she learns that she has an STD that will be with her the rest of her life.  She now has to live with this and will have to explain it to future men.  She will always kick herself for her behavior and will risk losing a good man who she wants to marry.

There are many other examples of where enjoy a few moments of pleasure and live with the consequences forever.  Those consequences can be guilt, loss of family, shame, prison, loss of character, loss of job, etc…

Whenever we do something we know we shouldn’t, it will come back to bite us in some way.  God established that rule in this world.

Let’s live lives of integrity!  No regrets.  Let’s do the right thing today.  Is there any activity you are engaged it today that you would be ashamed of if you were caught?  Are you engaging in something that is pleasurable that you know is wrong, but it is just too good right now to stop?  Would you live differently if someone was watching everywhere you went, saw everything you looked at, knew every thought you had and heard every word you said?

Stop trading these moments of pleasure for a future of regrets. 

Proverbs 13:6 – The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.

Warning: Using Porn has side effects

Contrary to popular culture’s stance on pornography, there are side effects to using porn. Drug companies are legally required to warn you of the possible side effects while taking their product. Many people will never experience all of the side effects listed or they will have one or two of them but won’t attribute them to the drug they are taking. It’s the same thing with porn usage. You will have a side effect, but you may not realize or notice it yourself. Sometimes people around you will notice something that you are blind to. Here are a few of the side effects that may be present in you, some obvious, others not so much. 

Here are a few points to ponder if you think porn you can use porn without consequence. 

It amplifies our selfishness

Pornography changes our perception of women

Pornography robs you of your passion for anything else besides itself

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate (emotionally) with your spouse and others

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate physically with your spouse

Pornography will grow the time you spend in fantasy land

Pornography will make you act differently in the bedroom

Read more on each of these points:  The side effects of using porn – Does porn warp your brain?

Lets talk about Porn Addiction

Blogging is great.  You get to publish your own articles, thoughts and ideas for the whole world to see.  You can find others who share similar interests, who are in similar stages in life, and who share similar struggles.  Interactivity between bloggers & readers generally is in the form of comments left after their posts.  There is generally no sense of community since these conversations happen on each individual blog and not in one general meeting place.

I blog about topics related to porn addiction and porn in today’s society.  My stance on porn is:

  1. Pornography is addictive
  2. Pornography is a misuse of God’s intentions of sex
  3. Pornography destroys marriages
  4. Pornography warps the minds of those who use it
  5. Life is better without porn

I have formed an online community in the form of a forum (or message board) for those who seek or who have already rid their lives of Pornography and sex addiction. 

Battle Plan Forum - A community for those who are affected by Pornography

The Battle Plan forum is there for us to help each other face issues of sexual purity, to offer advice & encouragement, and to know we are not alone in the battle.

Ecclesiates 4:12 says:  “One person could be overpowered.  But two people can stand up for themselves. And a rope made out of three cords isn’t easily broken.”

When you have people behind you who are praying for you and offering encouragement, you can have victory over porn!  When you struggle alone with porn addiction, you are easily defeated.

Come join this community if you want freedom from porn and want to be with others in the battle.  Click on the image or the linked text next to it and Join Today!


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