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Free Book Shows How to break Porn addiction

My buddy Roger over at abattleplan just released a Free Ebook on How to break an addiction to pornography

This book was written from the point of view of a regular guy like you and I.  It is very practical in outlining some strategies you can use to break the addiction.  Even though there is a spiritual side included, it is not too heavy to the point of telling you the only thing you need to do is have Jesus.

Please give the book a read yourself and see if you agree with my assessment.  I have to admit to many instances of identifying with the points he made in the book.  For the most part I agree with his approach as to starting on the journey of breaking an addiction to porn.

A nice addition to this book is the resource section at the end.  His book is a good start towards freedom and using the resources at the end you will be able to get further professional help if needed.

Go download the book now!

Pornography Addiction on again off again cycle

I was just reading someone’s blog post about how they are trying to quit using pornography.  They had just finished posting after a marathon 3 hour long session looking at porn.  He had become obsessed over one particular porn actress and had consumed all her material, but could find no more.

This marathon session had come on the heals of sobriety for two weeks! 

Back when I was in the depths of my own addiction to pornography, I had gone through similar cycles.  I would abstain from porn for a week, then dive back in for another week.  Sobriety for two weeks then it was gone in one hour!

I would go as far as to throw out all my magazines & videos.  “I am finished with porn.  No more.  I don’t need it and I don’t want it”

Then a week or two later I would get new materials and go at it.  I would think to myself – “I don’t have a girlfriend, so this is my outlet”  “It’s completely normal for men to use pornography.”

I had never ever considered that I was addicted to porn.  I always thought it was something I could control.  I was wrong.  Porn had a huge hold on me.  It would call to me through every ad on TV, through every attractive women who walked by, and even in my dreams! 

If you find yourself trying to stop using pornography, but keep going back to it, you are probably addicted.  Check out the signs of porn addiction and see if you can identify with any of these points. 

Are you struggling to break the pornography habit?  Leave me a comment below – It won’t be published for anyone but me to see.

Quit Pornography For Good – Go Cold Turkey

Is it possible to quit pornography and walk away from it for good?

My answer to that question is yes, but you can’t expect it to work on the first try.  Going cold turkey and never looking back is the right approach.  (Read my post & follow the video on Radical Amputation approach to quitting pornography)  With pornography, it is not possible to use it here and there and decrease you dosage gradually.  We have simply become out of control with our usage.  Pornography grabs a hold of you and controls you. 

Alcoholics & drug users can attest to the same situation of how their addictions ran their lives and caused their lives to spin out of control.  Going  cold turkey is the only way to break free from the very thing that harms us.  You can’t play with a little bit of fire and not get burned.  Fire is fire and even a little bit does you harm.

You will experience symtoms of withdrawal – physical & mental.  You will be extremely tempted to justify even the shortest peek at some porn.  You will inevitably slip up.  Everyone has relapses during their recovery process.  Here is some advice:

  • Don’t give up – get back up after you fall.  The difference between winners and losers in this battle is that the winners got back up one more time than the loser who gave up.
  • Don’t play around the edges of pornography – no swimsuit models, underwear models, erotica, provocative ads, suggestive radio shows – steer away from the edge or you will fall into the pit!
  • Know what triggers your urges for pornography – We all have our weak moments, moods, and situations.  Identify them, avoid & counteract them.
  • Reach out during your weak moments – Call your sponsor or accountability partner.  An accountability partner is there to help pull you through times of temptation.

Go cold turkey!  The temptations and failures will come.  Don’t let them get the best of you.  Get back up, dust off and press forward.  Eventually, these times of temptation and failure will come further and further apart.  You will get to the point that Pornography will take its last finger off of you and let you go!!  It will cease to control you!! 

Please leave your comments below.  If you need to ask me any questions regarding pornography addiction, you can contact me through the link in this sentence.

Reaping What you Sow

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man Reaping what you sowsoweth, that shall he also reap.  Galations 6:7

You reap what you sow.  This biblical truth plays out in many areas of our lives.  Whatever you put effort & time into you will receive the benefits & effects back.

  • If you put time & effort into exercise, you will be rewarded with better health, weight loss and stronger muscles.
  • When you put time & effort into your marriage, you will see the results through better communication, more love, respect, & general harmony.

We can also reap negative things if we put our time and efforts into activities that are not wise and even destructive.

  • Those who spend much time in a bar drinking will experience hangovers, fractured relationships, and poor health.
  • If you chase women for one night stands you will reap STDs, divorce, and shame & guilt.

What about those of us who have used or use pornography?   What are we reaping with the sowing of countless hours in front of the computer?  Do you think that there are no effects to you?  What are you reaping by sowing the seeds of pornography into your life?

  • Selfishness?
  • Lust?
  • Inability to communicate deeply?
  • lost time?
  • Strife in your marriage?
  • Shame?
  • A constant focus on Sex?

The things that we reap are often not apparent to us.  It is hard to see the effects that porn has on us because it is very deeply rooted inside.  Many of us won’t act out in a way that will land us in jail or cause divorce.  Just because the effects of Pornography useage are not clear does not mean we are using it without harm.

I challenge you to think about ways that you may be effected by pornography usage.  You cannot use it without any effects on you! 

Please leave any comments, questions and further thought below.

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