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The end of foreplay in porn? Further destruction to happen in porn films

I found this short article interesting.  The porn industry is starting to get rid of the dialogue in their films and concentrate more on the sex.  More people want to see just the sex and not the bad acting according to sources. 

In case you don’t know me, I am anti-pornography.  The reason for my stance relates to my beliefs that porn is a misuse of sex as the way that God created it.  Another reason I am against porn is because of the way it had a hold on me when I was addicted to it.  I believe that porn screwed up my view of women and the way I related to everyone.  Porn turned me into more of a selfish, pleasure seeking jerk who was interested in his own satisfaction. 

 The reason that porn has this effect on its users is because of the themes that run through porn films.  The main theme of porn films is a guy who just shows up in everyday circumstances and encounters women who want him.  A bit of flirting and a few suggestive words then they are stripping each others clothes off.  This theme runs through out heads in our everyday life.  We look for those situations and we often daydream about them as we go about our days.  Life is really not about sexual conquest at every turn.  The things that happen in porn films don’t actually happen in real life.  

This theme in porn harms our sex life with our spouses.  There is very little (if any) caressing, kissing, and caring for the other partner in a porn film.  When we rush into the act of sex, we are missing out on a very satisfying and intimate time – the foreplay.  Rushing into sex without the foreplay puts us on the level as a dog or other animal that just gets the duty done.  Aren’t we better than animals?   

People who use porn are really longing for that intimacy before, during and after sex.  We all need to be loved and to love someone else.  The intimacy that happens through the whole sexual encounter satisfies our souls and makes us different and special when compared to the animal kingdom.

 Cutting out all foreplay & interactions from porno:

Will this mean that porn films will be more destructive if they cut out every bit of foreplay and get down right to the sex?  — I think more people adopt these new themes of porn and further destroy intimacy in sex. 

Will pornography suffer from cutting this out?  — I think so.  If anything, people want more of the intimacy involved before sex. 

 What do you think?

Do you know what to do under severe temptation to view porn?

If you are currently revved up and looking for porn, STOP.  If you want to take away this severe need to look at porn please download my free report on how to diffuse the porn temptation.   Diffuse the situation and start on the road to freedom from porn.

If you struggle with porn and need something ‘just in case’ keep this report handy to help straighten you out in a time of need.

Sex addiction as teen turns into crime as adult

Man who became addicted to sex chat and porn as a teen now faces criminal charges.

The article linked to above is out of fresno California and is about a 20 yr old man who is facing charges of solicitation of a minor.  Apparently, this young man started into explicit chat rooms with other 14 yr olds in his teens.  They would talk dirty and exchange nude photos.  Now he is 20 and still doing the sex chat, but got caught by an undercover cop posing as a minor.  He faces criminal charges for seeking minors out online.

I have two things to say about this.  First off, where were his parents and why did they give him free range on the internet?  Parents:  We need to protect our children from themselves on the internet.  It is our job to make sure their internet access is filtered and monitored.  As teens, they are bound to come across porn or go in search of it.  Don’t give them the opportunity.  Please filter their access and monitor what sites they visit.  I highly recommend Covenant Eyes filtering and accountability software (ad in the right column).  You will be able to see what your kids do online and also cut out access to porn. 

My next point on this story is the fact that addictions to porn start early and are hard to break.  This guy started at 14 and now at 20 he gets busted and exposed.  No one else knew of his life online and the addiction that had taken over in those six years.  It could happen to any of us or our kids if we aren’t carefull.  Our kids could be cultivating an appetite for porn if we allow them unfiltered and unmonitored internet access or access to cable/satelite pay channels.  Do you have any porn your kids could stumble upon?   Don’t leave the door open to porn for your kids!  Filter the access, block cable channels, and get rid of your porn videos & magazines. 

Are you an adult and endulge in porn?  Do you think you have it under control and will never go as far as this guy in the story?  Be carefull if you believe this!  Porn will take you farther than you want to go to places you never imagined you would be.  One day you will find yourself doing things you never intended to do! 

Please consider how easily one can become trapped in porn.  Don’t give your children the chance to get involved in it!  Put up protection for them.  Don’t let yourself get carried away by it!  Protect yourself and seek help if you think you may be addicted to pornography.

Susan Boyle offered $1M to do porno film

My wife just showed me the fantastic audition on You Tube.  Susan Boyle is a sweet 47 year old who got rave reviews on Britain’s Got Talent. 

She is a humbe and  plain looking woman who claims she has never been kissed or had a boyfriend.  She totally shocked the whole audience when she belted out her song.  She proved the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Reports are the porn industry is offering her a million dollars to lose her virginity on film.  How sick is that?  Not because of the way she looks, but how exploitative the pornographers are! 

I want to believe Susan Boyle has enough class to tell them she is a woman of principal and will not sell her soul and virginity for money.  If she were to do this, what would you think about her??  Would you not look down on her and feel sorry for her? 

Shame on you pornographers for trying to corrupt this sweet woman.

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