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Warning: Using Porn has side effects

Contrary to popular culture’s stance on pornography, there are side effects to using porn. Drug companies are legally required to warn you of the possible side effects while taking their product. Many people will never experience all of the side effects listed or they will have one or two of them but won’t attribute them to the drug they are taking. It’s the same thing with porn usage. You will have a side effect, but you may not realize or notice it yourself. Sometimes people around you will notice something that you are blind to. Here are a few of the side effects that may be present in you, some obvious, others not so much. 

Here are a few points to ponder if you think porn you can use porn without consequence. 

It amplifies our selfishness

Pornography changes our perception of women

Pornography robs you of your passion for anything else besides itself

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate (emotionally) with your spouse and others

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate physically with your spouse

Pornography will grow the time you spend in fantasy land

Pornography will make you act differently in the bedroom

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