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Holiday Usage of Porn

Chances are you are lonely, bored or depressed during the holidays.

Many people seize the opportunity that the holidays and time off bring to binge on porn.

Read here on the article: Pornography Binge during the holidays, tips to help.

Where would you be today without porn?

I was pondering this question myself just yesterday:  If I had not been introduced to pornography in my early teens, what would be different in my life today?

First off you need to understand that my first introduction to pornography started me off on a journey that led to pornography addiction.  That first taste of seeing that scantily clad, beautiful woman started a fire in me that fueled my lust for many years.

If I had not been introduced to pornography at the age of 12 or 13, my life would be different today.  How so?  For starters, I would not have wasted countless hours looking at porn.  I wouldn’t have had my view of women changed from looking at them as mothers, daughters, and friends to sex objects,  and only there for my sensual satisfaction.  If I was not introduced to porn, I would know how to better relate to women.  I would have learned how to communicate with them and appreciate them as human beings with personalities and souls.  Other questions arise that seem water under the bridge – Would I have married my wife?  Would I have had enough courage to talk to that one girl I had a crush on?

Where would you be today had you not been introduced to pornography and used it?

  • Maybe you would not have lost your marriage
  • You may not have lost your job due to watching porn on the computer
  • Maybe you would not be in jail for child porn or molestation
  • Would you have a more fullfilling and deeper relationship with your spouse?
  • Would you not be such an introvert and have the guts to talk to someone of the opposite sex?
  • Maybe you wouldn’t fanticize so much and undress others with your eyes

Ask yourself this question today – What are your answers to this?

Come talk about it over on the message board:  The battleplan message board where you can talk about pornography addiction and how to get freedom!

Does a DIY approach to quitting Pornography work?

Once upon a time when I was deeply held by the grips of pornography, I decided that it was time to give this up.  I was sick of the guilt and fearful that it would be found out what I had been doing.  It was time to trash my stash and get rid of the magazines and videos.  After figuring out how to hide my stuff in the trash, I had a small feeling of victory.  You see, at this time I did not comprehend that I was addicted to the stuff.  I could quit at any time.  Pornography was just something I was playing around with.

The first few days were great.  Clean living was the way for me.  Now I feel inside like the clean-cut all American kid I was on the outside.  On to the next challenge in my life.  I can cross out my ‘quit pornography’ item on my list! 

Within the next few weeks, temptations were everywhere.  I could not get my mind off of sex.  At every turn I would see a gorgeous girl, flirt with a co-worker, or watch something on TV that would rev me up.  I needed a release from this built up sexual frustration, so I got a few magazines and was back in the game. 

This cycle was repeated many times in my teens & early twenties – binge on porn, feel guilt & shame, vow to quit, trash the stash and then jump back to the start.  What was I doing wrong?  Why did I feel so helpless against Porn? 

I was ready to give up and just learn to live in both worlds (the real world and the make believe porn world).  I knew that I couldn’t kick this habit on my own, but I did not ever want to tell anyone what I struggled with.   At that time I was going to a Bible study and we would occasionally glance the subject of keeping our eyes away from temptations.  One day, our leader announced to the men of the group that we were starting a men’s only group to address men’s issues.  Specifically- Pornography.  Wow.. I thought that I was the only guy dealing with this in my life. 

This group has been one of the biggest assets in my recovery from pornography addiction.  In this group I have found the confidential support and tools needed to get freedom.  We share our failures, victories, tips for freedom and we hold each other accountable. 

Quitting pornography is not a ‘Do It Yourself’ project.  You need the help and support of another person or a group that can be there for you and help pull you out of the much of pornography.  Pornography loses some of it’s power over you when you expose it through confession to someone. 

Places to find help:

  1. A local church – many churches have addiction recovery resources
  2. – This in an online resource for help for porn addicts
  3. SettingCaptivesFree– Setting captives free provides free online studies and gives you a mentor to communicate with.
  4. CandeoCan– CandeoCan is an in-depth program to stop using porn.  You will gain access to a whole program and get a mentor to talk with.

Don’t go it alone.  Get help today.

Warning: Using Porn has side effects

Contrary to popular culture’s stance on pornography, there are side effects to using porn. Drug companies are legally required to warn you of the possible side effects while taking their product. Many people will never experience all of the side effects listed or they will have one or two of them but won’t attribute them to the drug they are taking. It’s the same thing with porn usage. You will have a side effect, but you may not realize or notice it yourself. Sometimes people around you will notice something that you are blind to. Here are a few of the side effects that may be present in you, some obvious, others not so much. 

Here are a few points to ponder if you think porn you can use porn without consequence. 

It amplifies our selfishness

Pornography changes our perception of women

Pornography robs you of your passion for anything else besides itself

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate (emotionally) with your spouse and others

Pornography will destroy your ability to be intimate physically with your spouse

Pornography will grow the time you spend in fantasy land

Pornography will make you act differently in the bedroom

Read more on each of these points:  The side effects of using porn – Does porn warp your brain?

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