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Porn Almost Killed Him

I hope you read this article on how porn almost killed me… no joke.  Porn made me physically sick.  Today I am much better since i don’t use porn.

Read this:  Pornography and physical illness- How porn almost killed me.



Take a survey on porn use

Do you use porn?  Have you used porn in the past?  Maybe you are or have been addicted.

I urge you to take this survey to help Dr William Struthers from Wheaton Collgee.  Dr Struthers is studying pornography and his research project is trying to create a list of personality and psycological factors that contribute to the propensity to use pornography. 

The survey takes about 30 minutes.  All your data is kept confidential.  Your email address is collected but the researchers will not have access to it (only the IT guys need it in case you need to finish your survey later).

Take the survey and help further research into porn use and addiction.

Take the survey here:  Study on porn history and use factors

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