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Lets talk about Porn Addiction

Blogging is great.  You get to publish your own articles, thoughts and ideas for the whole world to see.  You can find others who share similar interests, who are in similar stages in life, and who share similar struggles.  Interactivity between bloggers & readers generally is in the form of comments left after their posts.  There is generally no sense of community since these conversations happen on each individual blog and not in one general meeting place.

I blog about topics related to porn addiction and porn in today’s society.  My stance on porn is:

  1. Pornography is addictive
  2. Pornography is a misuse of God’s intentions of sex
  3. Pornography destroys marriages
  4. Pornography warps the minds of those who use it
  5. Life is better without porn

I have formed an online community in the form of a forum (or message board) for those who seek or who have already rid their lives of Pornography and sex addiction. 

Battle Plan Forum - A community for those who are affected by Pornography

The Battle Plan forum is there for us to help each other face issues of sexual purity, to offer advice & encouragement, and to know we are not alone in the battle.

Ecclesiates 4:12 says:  “One person could be overpowered.  But two people can stand up for themselves. And a rope made out of three cords isn’t easily broken.”

When you have people behind you who are praying for you and offering encouragement, you can have victory over porn!  When you struggle alone with porn addiction, you are easily defeated.

Come join this community if you want freedom from porn and want to be with others in the battle.  Click on the image or the linked text next to it and Join Today!


Do you know what to do under severe temptation to view porn?

If you are currently revved up and looking for porn, STOP.  If you want to take away this severe need to look at porn please download my free report on how to diffuse the porn temptation.   Diffuse the situation and start on the road to freedom from porn.

If you struggle with porn and need something ‘just in case’ keep this report handy to help straighten you out in a time of need.

Who needs pictures with a memory like mine

I was listening to a country radio station this weekend when I heard the song “Who needs pictures” by Brad Paisley. 

I got to thinking (I am always thinking about what to write about) about how easy it is for me to recall many of the pornographic pictures I had seen years ago.  Some of those porn pictures are hidden in the recesses of my mind.   

I don’t get flashes of them much anymore since I have quit using pornography, but they are there waiting to be called upon.  Users and former users of porn can back me up by agreeing to this fact. 

Who needs a porn video or magazine when the pictures are there in your mind?  This very fact trips up so many of us who have left that world behind or who are trying to leave it behind.

I describe the brain as a big computer hard drive where we store the information from places we have been, things we have seen, people we have associated with, and situations we have been in.  This hard drive is limitless and keeps recording in sequential order.  This means that as time passes, the farther away those recordings get and the harder they are to access.  It is easier to access things that happened yesterday than it is those from last year.  Occasionally we will have something that triggers a memory stored way in the back which makes it easier to retrieve that data and event.  Some people have the ability to access that old data easier than the rest of us!

The point I am trying to make is the further we get away from using porn, the harder those pictures are to access.  If we continually bombard or minds with porn, we have access to new images all the time, also the access to the older images are easier to get at.  It seems that when we get our minds in gear and churning on a subject, the recesses open up for easy access.  Staying away from porn and focusing our thoughts on other more noble things will allow those pictures from the past to be harder to access and further from our minds.  Try fasting from porn for one week and see if I am not right.  Remember that whatever you feed is what will grow.  Stop feeding the porn habit and it will start to die.

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