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Covenant Eyes for Android

I downloaded this app and tested it out thouroughly.  Will it work for your accountability situation?  Read more…  The Covenant Eyes Android Accountability App


Covenant Eyes Accountability Software Review

Covenant Eyes Accountability Software

The Covenant Eyes accountability and filter software review.  Covenant Eyes is a software program  which loads on your desktop similar to other accountability & filtering software. In contrast to X3Watch, Covenant Eyes is not free. You’ll pay a monthly price according to what services you utilize and how many accounts you require.

The number of user accounts you choose will depend on how you want to police the online world within your house. We have a single account on my home pc and it instantly logs on when my home pc starts up. Under this one account, every computer users within my home will be subject to the same level of internet blocking and accountability reporting. This works best for me, however may not in your case. Sometimes the best tactic is one account for the kids and another for the adults. When you have a couple of account, every account will have a separate sign in to use the internet.

There are two main functions of covenant eyes: Internet filtering and Accountability. You’ve got the choice to run filtering, accountability or both.

The filter definitely will block pornographic and questionable websites. You’ll be able to establish the level of the filter based on the user if you set up separate user accounts. It’s also possible to designate websites to always block or always approve. This is certainly superb if you prefer a stricter level of filter, but want to permit a couple of websites that will normally be blocked at that filter level. The filter additionally gives you to be able to permit a user to access the internet at certain times of the day and for a certain total quantity of time. This will work especially well if you would like restrict the total time spent on the internet or prevent late night internet surfing while they ought to be sleeping!

The accountability component to the program will log all of your visited websites. This report is accessible to both you and your accountability partner on the internet through covenant eyes’ website. Covenant eyes rates each site you visit. The rating is done instantly and scans a web page just before it loads. A low scored website means its harmless, but a higher scored website usually means you might want to have a look into what it is. Your report will only list higher scoring websites to keep the report practical and to not alarm the user. A synopsis at the top of the report will inform the user at a glance whether there was anything to be concerned about for the reporting time period selected. Your accountability report will also specify any questionable searches conducted. If someone was inquiring about ‘bikini photos’ they would certainly be listed on this report.

One unique feature of covenant eyes is the panic button. The panic button is accessible for the user to click in case they are overcome with the urge to view pornography something like that on the web. The panic button will disable your internet connection and prohibit any websites to load until you can call the Covenant eyes hotline and have them turn it back on. It is a great feature that permits an individual to calm down return reality before returning on the internet. If temptation is simply too much for you to deal with the panic button is there for you.

My feelings about covenant eyes are really good. The only downside in my viewpoint is that often pages take an extra second or two to load , but when i consider the benefits and think back to the days of dial-up, I can accept this. I really like the adaptability of the filter, the accountability reporting and the panic button. I highly recommend paying the monthly charge for both filter and accountability services. The accountability report is much better than X3Watch simply because of the scoring system and the fact that a complete record of sites can be analyzed. The filtering is very flexible and allows you to police the use of the internet much easier than other ways. I believe that my children and I are protected well from obscenities. The accountability report is an added layer of defense should my wife or I become tempted to visit a website we don’t want the other to know about.

Sex addiction as teen turns into crime as adult

Man who became addicted to sex chat and porn as a teen now faces criminal charges.

The article linked to above is out of fresno California and is about a 20 yr old man who is facing charges of solicitation of a minor.  Apparently, this young man started into explicit chat rooms with other 14 yr olds in his teens.  They would talk dirty and exchange nude photos.  Now he is 20 and still doing the sex chat, but got caught by an undercover cop posing as a minor.  He faces criminal charges for seeking minors out online.

I have two things to say about this.  First off, where were his parents and why did they give him free range on the internet?  Parents:  We need to protect our children from themselves on the internet.  It is our job to make sure their internet access is filtered and monitored.  As teens, they are bound to come across porn or go in search of it.  Don’t give them the opportunity.  Please filter their access and monitor what sites they visit.  I highly recommend Covenant Eyes filtering and accountability software (ad in the right column).  You will be able to see what your kids do online and also cut out access to porn. 

My next point on this story is the fact that addictions to porn start early and are hard to break.  This guy started at 14 and now at 20 he gets busted and exposed.  No one else knew of his life online and the addiction that had taken over in those six years.  It could happen to any of us or our kids if we aren’t carefull.  Our kids could be cultivating an appetite for porn if we allow them unfiltered and unmonitored internet access or access to cable/satelite pay channels.  Do you have any porn your kids could stumble upon?   Don’t leave the door open to porn for your kids!  Filter the access, block cable channels, and get rid of your porn videos & magazines. 

Are you an adult and endulge in porn?  Do you think you have it under control and will never go as far as this guy in the story?  Be carefull if you believe this!  Porn will take you farther than you want to go to places you never imagined you would be.  One day you will find yourself doing things you never intended to do! 

Please consider how easily one can become trapped in porn.  Don’t give your children the chance to get involved in it!  Put up protection for them.  Don’t let yourself get carried away by it!  Protect yourself and seek help if you think you may be addicted to pornography.

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