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The daily assault on your mind

White noise… it is all around us…. we are influenced by it whether we recognize it or not. 

The other day, the kids and I went to the library to do our biweekly drop off and pick up of new materials.   When we reached the library we realized that the power was out.  They were still open for business, but we were among only the handful of people there. 

While my kids looked for books and movies, I sat in a comfy chair and realized how quiet it was.  Libraries are normally quiet places, but there was an absence of that white noise we live with daily.  Computers, lighting, HVAC, copy machines, and other little things were not powered up and it was noticeable.  I enjoyed the quiet! It was peaceful and I was able to think clearer and relax easier.   

We deal with many kinds of white noise that is out of our control.  Many of the modern convieniences work in the background 24/7.  These devices intrude on the peace that we sometimes need.

There are also many things that we put on or take in intentionally that intrude in our lives and help form our moods and thoughts – Radio, TV, the internet, newspapers, magazines… etc.  We have control over when we read or turn on the radio, but many of us do this without considering the cost.


Consider the fact that your thoughts, ideas, and emotions are easily influenced by what you consume each day.  For example:  recently I heard a radio talk show on the topic of a website that matches people who want to have an affair.  The interview with the owner and the ensuing conversation about adultery made my mind wander into thoughts that I should not entertain.  I changed the station and then thought about the fact that this show led me down the road to entertain thoughts of adultery.  If I had not listened to this show, I would not have even considered the scenarios that rolled through my mind.  Another example was when I picked up one of the women’s magazines that my wife had laying around.  I found a Q&A column on sex advice. That article caused my mind to wander into sex scenarios and I had to stop myself.  I was setting myself up to sin in the future by letting my guard down.  Had I continued on this road, I would have relapsed into pornography.  It is amazing to me how easily media can lead us into impure thoughts, rationalization of sin, and sometimes to act out in sin. 


The daily assault on our minds comes from every angle.  We need to carefully filter what we see, hear and read everyday.  If you struggle with impure thoughts, don’t listen raunchy radio shows, read questionable magazine articles or watch sexually suggestive television.  Our media intake works in the reverse as well.  If you want to affirm and build up your values and beliefs, your media intake must agree:  Read the Bible, watch wholesome television that confirms your values, listen to radio that agrees with your values. 


There also comes a time when you must ‘unplug’ totally and get away from all forms of media influences.  Quiet times to reflect and pray are necessary and beneficial.  I believe that the white noise and the media bombardment everyday wear us down and make us tired and easily distracted from hearing God. 

Today try to be conscience of the assault on your mind.  Get away today and unplug from the white noise and media influences. 


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