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Forgiveness when you fail – Mercy is greater than sin

While in recovery from pornography addiction, you will fail.  No one I have ever heard of breaks free from an addiction without a relapse.  That is why its called recovery – it’s a process.

Relapses happen because we don’t follow the directions provided by our program.  Many times one of your program directions will be to call your accountability partner when you are tempted.  You don’t do it and wind up blowing through the other roadblocks that are setup to keep you from falling – disabling an Internet filter,  lingering too long on a provocative ad, allowing yourself to fantasize about sex… etc. etc. 

When you fail, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Think about what roadblocks you blasted through
  2. Acknowledge it was your own fault and you could have stopped yourself, but didn’t
  3. Call your accountability partner and tell him what happened
  4. Seek forgiveness from God and ask Him to strengthen you to get back up and fight again
  5. Consider any new roadblocks you need to establish to tighten the security around your purity

The worst thing we can do after we fall back into pornography is to slough it off and give up.  Many times we feel like it is helpless and we will always be like this.  We don’t have to live lives in the cycle of using porn, feeling shame full and guilty, vowing to quit and then doing it all over again.

Failure is a speed bump on the road to recovery.  Don’t let failure turn you around 180 degrees back to pornville!

God’s mercy and forgiveness are most evident when we fail and come to him with humble hearts.  His love will surround you and you will feel forgiven. 

After feeling His forgiveness you will know that He will be with you on your journey and that He wants you to live a life of purity.  His mercy is better than all the emptiness and temporary pleasures that pornography provides.  His love and mercy are forever.


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