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A moment of pleasure leads to a world of regrets

We have seen it happen to others or have experienced this ourselves; Trading a few moments of pleasure for a world of regrets.

How often do you indulge in some pleasure you know you shouldn’t and later on have to deal with the regret, shame, and anger at yourself?  We pay the price, many times over, for indulging in these pleasures.

The guy who fires up his computer and has a session of porn viewing and masturbation feels good while he is engaged in the act.  Later on he hangs his head in shame because he succumbed to temptation yet again.  He secretly loathes himself for it.

The other guy who is having an affair and cheating on his wife.  The excitement of the affair is pleasurable and fulfilling, but in the end he loses his wife, children and respect from others. 

A woman is enjoying a series of one night stands after closing time.  Later on she learns that she has an STD that will be with her the rest of her life.  She now has to live with this and will have to explain it to future men.  She will always kick herself for her behavior and will risk losing a good man who she wants to marry.

There are many other examples of where enjoy a few moments of pleasure and live with the consequences forever.  Those consequences can be guilt, loss of family, shame, prison, loss of character, loss of job, etc…

Whenever we do something we know we shouldn’t, it will come back to bite us in some way.  God established that rule in this world.

Let’s live lives of integrity!  No regrets.  Let’s do the right thing today.  Is there any activity you are engaged it today that you would be ashamed of if you were caught?  Are you engaging in something that is pleasurable that you know is wrong, but it is just too good right now to stop?  Would you live differently if someone was watching everywhere you went, saw everything you looked at, knew every thought you had and heard every word you said?

Stop trading these moments of pleasure for a future of regrets. 

Proverbs 13:6 – The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.


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