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Anti Pornography awareness month

The city of Rexburg in Idaho has declared this month an anti-pornography awareness month.  Students from the high school are wearing bracelets and there will be a seminar at the local church on the effects of porn. 

Rexburg Idaho

Rexburg Idaho

They have echoed my thoughts about how porn grows in the dark and how the shame involved with it prevents people from talking about it.

This is a great idea and there should be more of these events held around the country.  Many people have dabbled in porn only to be sucked into it and now find themselves in the middle of an addiction to it.  An event like this will bring this evil to light and start to destroy the hold it has on people.


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One thought on “Anti Pornography awareness month

  1. Hi please read about my experience with pornography and the destruction it causes. thanks for getting the info out!

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